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Radeon RX Vega 64 screen blacks out while gaming

Question asked by wootings on Feb 3, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by bluntelk

So I've seen a number of threads about various cases where the screen will go black, or the machine just locks up, with various different Radeon cards.  I wanted to post this specific case and the things that I've gone through trying to get it sorted out, and see if anyone has any solid explanations or remedies.


Brand-new computer - ThreadRipper 1950x (with a giant liquid cooling system), 32Gb RAM, 1Tb M.2 drive, Gold-Certified 1000w PSU, blah blah - and a Radeon RX Vega 64 8Gb by PowerColor.


The machine went together fine and worked fine for a couple weeks.  Then once in a while, the screen would go black and the monitor would report no signal.  The machine would still be could still hear the game audio for example...but the screen would be getting no signal.  This was with a brand-new 4k monitor via DP.  For troubleshooting purposes, I tried HDMI instead of DP, and also a 1080p monitor via HDMI.  Same problems.  And the monitors displayed no issues with other PCs.


The problem seems to be able to occur pretty much any time - once in a while while playing DDO, but it seems to be a sure bet playing Fallout 4 for some reason, and particularly when doing a loading screen or whatever in-between areas.  It'll just go black there, and that'll be that.  The machine is *not* locking up, or going to sleep, or anything like that.  The video card simply stops sending a signal to the monitor.


Tried every software solution under the sun - all manners of different settings in Radeon Settings, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, etc.  Nothing worked.  So I RMAd the card - and while it was gone, used an RX 480 from a known-good system.  The card was in the RMA process for nearly a month - during this time, the PC was *flawless* with the RX 480 in it.  Absolutely.  Flawless.


When I got the replacement card from PowerColor, I verified that it was a different card - it was, they hadn't sent me back the same one.  Different serial number.  I popped it into the machine, and lo and behold, it ran perfectly!


For several days.  Then it started doing it again.  So now I'm going through a DDU on the drivers, try the latest beta, etc.  But seriously...what the hell?


There are no problems with connectors.  No issues with RAM seating.  No overheating problems.  No stability issues otherwise.  It clearly is not an issue with any components in the PC other than the video card, since replacing it with the RX 480 results in 100% dependability.  Is it something actually with the Vega card,, something sort of burns out after a week?  Is it something in the Vega driver?  What?


In all honesty, I'd be tempted to try to buy a different Vega 64 card entirely - but naturally you can't get them, because of the crypto miners (wish that "market" would hurry up and just crash already) - at the moment I see exactly one Vega 64 available anywhere I can think of, and they're asking $1,200 for it - twice what the original card cost.  But even then I have to wonder if the issue would re-appear.  Sure, I can try to RMA with PowerColor again - probably will - but the pattern seems to be that everything is OK for a little while, then goes to hell.  I don't want to be stuck in a repeating loop of using a Vega 64 for a week or two at a time, then sending it back in for a replacement.


So...anyone have any thoughts?  Anyone from AMD care to comment?