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Tearing On My New Korean WQH Monitor  - HD 7870 117.12.1

Question asked by rinascimento on Feb 2, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by kingfish

Hi Everyone !


System :

AMD Radeon Sapphire 7870

desktop computer (2012)

Windows 7-64bits MSI-Z77A-G45 with a i5 3570k

Motherboard : MSI-Z77A-G45 with a i5 3570k

8 bg or DDR3 ram installed

Drivers : AMD RADEON 17.12.1 Adrenalin edition

Monitor :  Samsung SD850 Series LS27D85KTSN/XU

LS27D85KTSN/XU, Samsung S27D850T 27" WQHD LED LCD Monitor


Issues :

I got constant tearings since I got this new monitor (video attached)

I used to have another Korean WQHD monitor and I had no issues/


The tearings appears everytime something moves a little bit fast on my screen (when I scroll down on internet, every videos, every games etc)


I've tred several others drivers up to the latest : no change

I've tried different connection (HDMI DVI  display port) no change

Important : when I connect my laptop to the monitor in HDMI, I don't have anymore tearings.

temperatures are ok

Freesync is not available with that monitor


Any suggestions will be welcome (including getting a new graphic card if you think so !!)


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