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    mouse lag on new Ryzen build


      Hello everyone,

      CPU: RYZEN 1700;



      GPU:ASUS GTX 1060 DUAL 6GB;

      HDD: WD 1TB;



      BIOS: Version 3402;

      Since the buy, i feel some negative acceleration on my mouse, it doesn't feel smooth as it seems. I don't know how to describe it but it feels like it has some kind of lag, not like lag when i move the mouse and the mouse doesn't move but it is some kind of it. I am not tripping, i am long time FPS player and i know how it should work.Example: open chrome or some folder and try to flick open link or sub folder or just to select it, it is not possible on my side, Like it is sliding on ICE.

      The steps i tried to fix the problem :

      1.Enhaced option is unticked in mouse settings.(tried to tick it worse).

      2.Disabled Fast Startup(didn't help)

      3.Tried with and without overclocking(CPU,RAM)=the same;

      4.In mouse settings is 6 sensitivity, also i use rival 300.

      5.Tried different mouses, the same.

      6.Disabled DVR=not fixed.

      7.Disabled Cortana=no imrpovement.

      8.Disabled AV=same...

      9.Formated the PC 11 times, the same with no luck.

      10.Changed USB ports, different movement but not accurate as it should be.

      11.Latest drivers for NVIDIA, the audio is from the Manufacturer website because the generics ones were crap,the AsMedia usb PORT drivers, i tried from Asus website also from Microsoft, it
      doesn't fix the problem.

      12.I use latest amd chipset drivers, also i tried the previous ones..... NO luck.

      13.I am going to see on my laptop now how it performs, if on my laptop is good, i will have to determine if it is the hardware problem or chipset driver problems.

      I am getting so mad here with this situation, and i would like some help..
      The PC is 1 month old, and never had other issues, except with the bad(precise lock) movement....

      Thanks in advance.


      Edit: I installed win 10 FCU on my laptop too, it has the same problems but in better light, its more accurate... :]

        • Re: mouse lag on new Ryzen build

          The problem of my computer is same as you. I get ryzen 1700 on Mar2017. Mainboard ASROCK AB350. ADATA  DDR4 2400. sapphireRX470D.Though noticed the mouse problem very early I try not to mind it for use it two days each week .But when someday when system became very slowly I re-install WIN10 64 and even did not update latest windows update, the mouse problem happens frequently. Finally I give up. I successful install win7 64. I noticed also has the mouse lag problem  though not frequently like in win10, as you describle"it doesn't "feel smooth as it seems." when I read a pdf document it occansionally lag 2 seconds. Today I  find the community seach the title find the problem has been raise already. But did not find a pernanet solution yet.