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Need Advise Buying a GPU

Question asked by jakslap on Feb 2, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by arcticwind

Hey Guys;


So recently i sold my RX580 cause i couldn't resist the price they go for these days. I am using an old R9 270 and to be honest i am really impressed with the performance.


So i started looking around for other AMD GPUS second hand like the R9 280x and R9 380x.

i have seen some cheap ones for around $150 to $200 AUD, Then i noticed i can buy a brand new 4GB RX 560 for around the same price. i wanted to know what is the equivalent for a RX560? how do they compare with R9 200 and 300 series.


If anyone could help me that will be great.