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    Looking For A Driver For AMD Sata Controller


      Hi. I am trying to download some Nortons' software to my computer. The install cannot be completed due to a driver issue. I am running on Windows 10 OS and have an AMD A9 7th Gen chipset. I have a Standard SATA AHCI Controller installed but I need the AMD SATA Controller to enable the software to work. Is there a way I can fix this? I have tried the options that the Norton site gives me but no joy. I am a newbie and need some advice please. All help greatly appreciated.


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          Download the AMD Chipset for your CPU here: Chipset .


          Run it and see if it installed the AMD SATA Controller driver in Device Manager under "IDE  ATA/ATAPI Controller" . If it didn't, go to the Standard SATA AHCI Controller to "Properties" and click on Update Driver. Direct it under search to the C:\AMD Chipset folder in the Root Directory. Hit enter and it should update the SATA Controller to AMD SATA.

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