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Ryzen 7 1700X - CPU Speed drops to 0.53 GHz

Question asked by reifl on Feb 1, 2018
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i have an Problem with my Ryzen7 1700X. When i'm encoding a Video with x264 or running Prime95 the CPU Speed drops perodically to 0.53 GHz. When the CPU is in Idle the CPU Speed is at 3 GHz. I think the 3 GHz for energy saving, but the 0.53 GHz is really low. When the Speed drops the CPU Usage also drops to 20 %, even with Prime95 running. Is this normal?


this Image shows the CPU Speed when encoding an Video with x264. The Ryzen Master Application says the same CPU Frequencies.

My PC Specs:

BeQuiet 500W Power Supply

Biostar B350GT5 Motherboard

16 GB RAM 2133 MHz

Ryzen7 1700x (no overclocking)