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    unable to get black bars in-game


      Wanted to start recording gameplay and it wasnt working with my current version of Relive so i updated my driver. recording works, however, when i go in game (Overwatch), I play on a different resolution 1600x900, usually it has black bars on the sides but now it just fills the entire screen. I tryed the gpu scaling with preserve aspect ratio and it didnt do anything... what am I missing?

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          Same. I'm on Adrenalin 18.2.2 and RX 460 2GB and have Virtual Super Resolution turned on + GPU scaling with preserve aspect ratio.


          Native resolution of my monitor is 16:10 (1680x1050) when I try to use 16:9 (1920x1080) first frame rate gets locked to 30 fps or 30 Hz, and second, image is stretched instead of having black bars at top and bottom to keep aspect ratio.


          I also have R7 260x and this works just fine on that card. It's something limited in software.

          Please fix it Amd!