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    Performance issues after driver update Radeon R3 A4-7210 - Windows 10



      I have a problem with my laptop its a Acer Aspire ES 15 - ES1-522-443P

      AMD Quad-Core Processor A4-7210

      AMD Radeon R3 graphics

      Windows 10 home



      I have updated my drivers recently to the latest recommended version and now everything lags, my mouse, my internet, my computer in general. All of it's basic tasks including just typing this. It's driving me nuts, I have no idea what to do to fix it. I am a total Noob. Please help. If you need more information, let me know. Until then i'll keep googling for answers.





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        • Re: Performance issues after driver update Radeon R3 - Help i'm a noob!

          I had very similar issues that started after an update a few days ago.  I'm on Windows 10 and have an R4, but I think its the same issue.  The mouse would freeze every 3 seconds or so making the computer unusable.  The good news is this is 100% fixable.  You have to reload older video drivers, I went back to driver version 15.200.1046.0 and everything works fine now.  I downloaded the drivers I used from (this link), manually extracted the file using 7zip, then opened device manager and browsed to my display device and selected update drivers, then  selected the drivers I just extracted.  I had to specifically point to the location of the drivers (in the extracted subfolder amd-catalyst-15.7-with-dotnet45-win8.1-64bit\Packages\Drivers\Display\WB6A_INF).


          Let me know if you want more details about how I fixed this.  The same type of thing should work for anyone having this problem, but the exact driver version to roll back to may differ. (Note to anyone from AMD reading this: Please test your new drivers against any legacy hardware to which you push updates, the machine was working fine)