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    AMD radeon r9 390 broken


      I have a burned out mosfet on my card, doesn't appear to be any other damage. I cannot tell what sort it is/was because that part got a little melty. Can anyone tell what it is supposed to be?


      It's the one that looks like someone put a tiny cigarette out on it. It's from an AMD radeon r9 390.

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          Wow you sure did, and it would have to be different than the other ones! Looks like the cap behind it is heat scorched. Unless its just the picture. Hopefully someone with same card can help out. You need to tell people exactly the maker and model though. They may not all be the same, ie may be non-reference design.


          Good luck!  Always cool if you can fix your own stuff. Got a laptop someone chucked that I put new caps on myself!