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AMD External Event Utility Service is causing Revit 2017 to crash after splash screen

Question asked by ahsitguy on Jan 31, 2018

Hi everyone,

We have been having problems on a few HP Zbook 15u G2 laptops where Revit 2017 will crash after the splash screen. After hours of troubleshooting, we have narrowed it down to the "amd external event utility service". Once we disable this service, Revit will open every time without crashing. However, on the majority of our Zbooks the amd external event utility service is enabled and Revit will open fine. So, I'm wondering what else is at play here or what else is corrupt\broken that has direct influence with the amd external event utility service. Any ideas? I have already tried uninstalling\reinstalling the graphics drivers, updating the graphics drivers, uninstall\reinstalling the whole Autodesk suite, and updating the whole Autodesk suite with the latest patches.