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AMD cards compatible with BIOS version 7.16?

Question asked by dfswartz90 on Jan 31, 2018

Hello and thanks in advance for any help,


I recently bought a Radeon RX 560 from Gigabyte and seem to have run into a compatibility issue. I was unaware that BIOS versions would cause a card to not function as BIOS version is not listed in any system requirements for the card that I have seen either on AMD's website or Gigabyte's website. However, I've read a few threads online saying that the RX 500 series will only work with a version 8 BIOS. I have a HP M3970AM-HP Angelica2 MOBO that is UEFI but no BIOS later than 7.16 is available. I have a 460 watt PSU and a Windows 10 64 bit OS so I don't think I'd be getting compatibility problems from anywhere else. I've also tried to disable secure boot, which I've heard can cause problems, but it seems this BIOS does not have that configuration option. I'm getting ready to return the RX 560 but still want a new graphics card, so some help finding a BIOS 7.16 compatible card would be much appreciated since BIOS requirements are not provided by any of the manufacturers.