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    Vega Liquid pump connector




      I've got a Vega 56 that I wanted to upgrade the cooler on, I managed to snag a standalone Vega LC cooler on ebay and have it in hand currently. Unfortunately I forgot to check the connector needed to power the pump.


      I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me, I was thinking of just powering the pump from a MoBo fan header, or a 12v from my PSU - but am concerned about damage/noise from running the pump at 100% 24/7 (and even the power rating of the pump). Would I need to ground any of the other pins? I assume they are for some form of temperature/power sensing, but cannot find any details on this as it is rather obscure.


      Alternatively I was thinking of removing the plastic connector and connecting directly onto the PCB. (although I'd prefer to somehow obtain the plastic connector for the PCB).