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Should I get RX Vega 64 for my Path of Exile journey

Question asked by rmenelaus on Jan 31, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2018 by rmenelaus

Yes, I have a R9 390 now, and when I play Path of Exile game, it's usually not a very good performance, so I wonder if I should buy a RX Vega 64, which would be the top AMD Radeon card.


By the way, anyone here plays Path of Exile game, you know, I have a lot of good builds, and I'd like to share some with you:


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I find these PoE builds from official forum, r/PathOfExileBuilds and r/pathofexilebuildlist, ok, maybe you guys are not interested in this game


Come to the point, should I buy RX Vega 64???


My PC:


CPU: AMD A8-7600 Quad-Core 3.1 GHz

Ram: Kingston HyperX FURY 16GB

Motherboard: ASRock 970A-G/3.1

GPU: AMD Radeon R9 390