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Would my b350 motherboard work with ryzen new APU

Question asked by delan on Jan 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2018 by neon

So at November i bought some PC part in hoping to finish my build on December which didn't work, i have the case, PSU and mother board then i heard about ryzen new APU and i got hype for it cause it would save me a lot of money of buying a gpu seeing that the prices went up again. The only problem i found was i check the ports my mother board have and it only have USB 3.0 and some USB 2.0 (i think) and no display port/ hdmi / and vga, so idk if this mother board can even use the new APU graphic without those ports.

Mother Board -

No clue if i can even return the mother board cause it was gifted to me. So i was wondering if i could use like a USB to hdmi/display port/vga to be able to use the APU graphics or even getting a pci that have some vga ports. Doing a really ball to the wall budget build and the APU would really help since i don't need to buy a gpu to be able to use the pc.

PCI - Rosewill Dual Serial Ports PCI card Model RC-301 -

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