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Malwarebytes patch pummels user CPUs

Question asked by kingfish on Jan 29, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by noodles59

" A malformed patch update angered users dealing with bloated CPU and RAM usage."


20,000 perfect patches may be under the belt, but it only takes one or two poor ones to raise the ire of users, as Malwarebytes has discovered.


However, users quickly swarmed the Malwarebytes forum to complain of sudden spikes in CPU and RAM usage, sometimes severe enough to crash or freeze their systems.

Screenshots and customer complaints included sudden gigabytes of RAM usage, real-time web protection turning itself off and failing to restart, and jammed systems due to resource usage overloads.

The failed update impacted Malwarebytes for Windows Premium, Malwarebytes for Windows Premium Trial, Malwarebytes Endpoint Security (MBES), and Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection (Cloud Console).


Malwarebytes product patch pummels user CPUs | ZDNet

Well, I am in day 2 of complete reformats on 4 computers. I blamed everything from a Windows Update to Obama. Couldn't even use Acronis. This is a bad one.