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    Black screen after driver install and pc restarts with BSOD TDR Failure - R9 290


      Hi everbody. It's my first post here, and the first problem with AMD too (lol). I have a problem with video card. I have an AMD RADEON R9 290, from about 4 years, it always worked perfectly. from about a week, my pc after chargin windows logo, turns black. I didn't installed driver or something. the last evening worked perfectly as always, the day after black screen. So, I've reinstalled windows 10 (64 bit), a fresh install and when I update drivers (with windows update or amd autodetect software, same problem) , during the install (Installing graphic components) my screen turns black and the pc restart automatically. I can't explain how it's possible. I've tried this for 3 days (always, reinstall SO, reinstall drivers, crash, format, reinstall SO, reinstall drivers, crash, format...). Sometimes (but not always) when my pc crash, I have a blue screen of death with (VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE atikmpag.sys) BUT NOT ALWAYS. I can get to Safe mode, and when I uninstall driver in the safe mode then turn back to normal mode my pc works perfectly. when I install the driver I get black screen. I don't how it's possibile. Only happening to me? LOL. I did all the system checkup or problem scan, no results. it work's perfectly. the problem is the driver video. how can I solve? thank you everybody.


      P.S. Sorry for bad English, I'm Italian ...


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