R9 390x Kernel 41 pc crashes

Discussion created by rickmd1991 on Jan 29, 2018
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PC Specs:

i7 6700k

Asus Strix 390x (comes overclocked)

16bg Ram

Windows 10 x64


Prior to update 16.XX and above I never experienced this kernel 41 error. I had to downgrade to a 15.XX driver from 2 years ago to not crash.

At first I thought is was my PSU Silverstone Tek 1350W ATX 12V 2.3/EPS 12V 80 PLUS but rather than replace that I kept searching for answers.

I was led to a post saying that it could be caused by my soundcard Creative Sound Blaster ZxR so I reinstalled those drivers with lastest and others I could find, still to no avail.

I then tried to use the updates that windows 10 provides in the device manager which installs a 17.7 driver version still crashing with those.

Crashs happen mainly when I game for long hours or within a few hous while gaming and on youtube.

I checked temps and the gpu never goes above 50c and cpu around the same.

Thought it could be a direct x issue reinstalled that a few times.

I  also thought that it could be a bios issue but that is updated to the current version.

I am duo monitoring 1 with the amd card and the other with onboard graphics.

Then after all this frustration I down graded to a driver 2 years old and no craching I would like some help trying to figure out why this is happening I am losing quite a big amount of fps from this old driver.

I used everydriver from 16.XX up and crashes happen in any game I play.