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    relive not recording


      Hi, i want to use Radeon Relive feature, but when i pres start recording, closes down after 3 seconds or less and the video saved has 0KB, no other function works (Streaming or instant replay).

      Also, tried to install AMD Link in a tablet but it says "service unavailable" (tried adding it manually and with the QR code).

      My pc:

      Desktop PC

      Intel i5 4430

      2x4GB Kinston Hyper-X 1866MHz DDR3

      Asus Z97-C, BIOS 0334

      Sapphire Dual-X R7 265 2GB OC

      Seasonic M12II 620W EVO

      Windows 10 64Bit compilation 16299


      I tried with Drivers 17.12.1 and 18.1.1 with a clean install and both have same issue.

      What could it be? My pc works well except for this problem.