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All AMD GPU drivers that allow for a higher recording Bitrate than 50Mbps cause stuttering recorded videos.

Question asked by ministerofpropaganda on Jan 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2018 by dargo_3dc

The last driver released that does not cause stutter was 17.7.1 which has a maximum recording bitrate of 50Mbps.


Every driver since then has had a maximum recording bitrate of 100Mbps which causes stuttering recorded videos no matter what you set the Bitrate to. Even less then 10Mbps recordings have the same issue.


This problem affects multiple AMD users as multiple reports have been made here, perhaps all AMD users affected.




16GB ram @ 2400mhz


Asus Gene z97 motherboard

corsair 750w power supply

3 ssd's


Driver 17.7.1 (works fine)