18.1.1 WHQL summarized

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18.1.1 will be summarized:


In SW BF2 HBAO Full is Fixed now, in Death Star (Starship mode) are corruptions in DX11.1

Game runs poorly/choppy with DX12 ON (but without errors or corruptions)


BF1 DX12 won't start at all (some DX error pops up), DX11.1 w/SweetFX working like a charm tho.

Exclusive DX12 Titles working like never before  (FH3/FM7)


Rest of my Games performs quite good.


as for Chill, not every game is Chill Ready.

Some games gets flicker fest ! for those Turn OFF Chill, leave only FPS Cap for FreeSync


Good example is R6:Siedge & NFS Payback best gameplay is with Chill OFF + FPS set to 70.

In NFS19 AAO (Approximate ambient occlusion) is set and game is working Great, some minor hickups (50-ish not solid 60FPS, aha Game is caped at 60) at night tho but it's Playable.
Enchanced sync w/Fiji is just Great (i like the idea of low latency Gaming )

Im still more into 17.12.1 WHQL (good preformer, nice Features) or 17.9.3 WHQL (good performer but WDDM 2.2, All is working w.o. Problems)


IMHO WDDM 2.3 is still not Fully Ready in any driver.

WDDM 2.2 Driver is still way to go if you need Solid Ones. (Install 18.1.1 then 17.9.3 on it to have all Game profiles ready for upcoming Operational WDDM 2.3 driver)



I have 18.1.1 WHQL still installed, some tinkering and it's Fine (only fine)

ATI Driver team still have room for improvement (especially for Big daddy Fiji HBM or VEGA)


Here Bf1 error:




I have Fury OC+ 1050/550 1.175v (unlocked, Flashed & tMODed) + 1440p Freesync 10Bit 70Hz IPS Iiyama on ZEN k17 8/16 + HeroVII and 3100MHz CL15 1T DDR4 + SB-Zx 5.1 & Fast SSDs


Here my latest Firestrike P:



Peace ! ATI & AMD