Problem with amd driver on gigabyte aorus rx 580 4gb

Discussion created by moe.cotti on Jan 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by elstaci

I have just bought a gigabyte aorus rx580 4gb and tried to install the amd driver. The problem is, that everytime I start the installation, it stops at the middle. you can still use the mouse but can't click anything (not home button or anything else) and the keyboard won't react to anything and the installation won't end. It seems, that everytime I want to install the driver, it stops in the middle and won't finish and the pc don't work anymore. When I shut the pc down and turn it on again, the GPU fans just turn on max. and sometimes windows boot and sometimes it won't even get to the windows boot. I tried to delete everything with ddu in safe mode and downloaded the newest and driver (cd, gigabyte homepage, amd homepage), but the problem stays and I can't do anything with the GPU. Checked everything on pc (Mainboard, etc) but the other parts are all working fine. What am I doing wrong? This is my 8th pc I'm building and I haven't ever had such a problem. Thx !!!