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290 downclocking to 300MHz when it reaches 90C

Question asked by lukana1 on Jan 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2018 by lukana1

Hey all, when stressing the GPU the core clock is stable, until the core temperature hits 90C, than the core clock will jump to 300MHz (P0?) and immediately go back up to the normal speed. This is really annoying because it causes stutters when in-game.


Computer Type: Custom build desktop

GPU: reference sapphire R9 290 at stock settings

CPU: 4670K @ 4.3GHz

Motherboard: MSI z97 Gaming 5

RAM: 1333/9 2*2 and 2*4

PSU: Corsiar RM850i

Operating System & Version: Windows 10

GPU Drivers: 18.1.1

Chipset Drivers:

Background Applications: steam, windows defender, onedrive, corsair utility engine, samsung magician, realtec HD audio, MSI afterburner, readeon-settings.

Troubleshooting: I already disabled ULPS in MSI afterburner, I also tried installing a custom bios. Neither have helped.

Here is a scheenshot describing the problem: