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AMD Overdrive doesn't restore settings when resuming from Win 10 hibernate

Question asked by timwood0 on Jan 27, 2018

I'm continuing this discussion as a new question/problem report because my BIOS does not have a turbo setting.


In my specific scenario (AMD A10-6800K, MSI 2AE0 mobo, 20GB RAM), I turn OFF Turbo Core Control, but when I hibernate the machine then power it back on, turbo is re-enabled.  Further, AMD Overdrive still thinks TCC is disabled, so I have to exit & restart AMD Overdrive in order to disable TCC again:

  1. Start AMD Overdrive; select TCC, clear checkbox to disable it; click OK.
  2. Verify that clock speed remains limited to the fixed speed & multiplier in the CPU Status pane.
  3. Hibernate the machine; wait 10 sec.
  4. Power the machine back on.
  5. Observe that TCC appears disabled in the Clock/Voltage pane in AMD O.
  6. Observe that clocks now get boosted in the CPU Status pane.  They should remain steady per the setting.

Note that this problem does not occur during normal reboot, when I have "Apply my last settings when system boots" checked.


It looks like AMD O should detect resumption from hibernate and re-activate the configured profile.