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    Ryzen 1600 Randim Black Screen Freeze on Windows 10


      Hello. I have a big problem with my build:


      CPU: Ryzen 5 1600

      RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 8GB DDR4 2666

      MB: ASRock A320m PRO 4

      PSU: BeQuiet! 450W

      SSD: WD Green 120 M.2

      HDD: some old ones

      GPU: MSI GTX 770 TwinFrozr


      Here is my history:

      Before I had an Intel Mainboard with a SandyBridge CPU (idk what it was, as it was a present and just worked for me).

      Nothing happened here. Everything fine. GPU, PSU and HDDs where fine.

      Then I updated to the upper build (first without the SSD).

      I think everything was still fine then. I don't know anymore lol.


      Ok here it goes:

      I installed the M.2 SSD and made it my Windows 10 boot partition. Of course I unplugged every other HDD while installing.

      Then I attached my other HDDs, installed latest AMD Chipset-Drivers, NVidia drivers, Windows Updates etc.

      As it is a 120 GB SSD I moved those personal Folders (Downloads, Pictures, etc) to the HDD drive.


      Now here is the problem: My PC starts getting black screens out of nowhere.

      It is like: Monitor says "No Input". Mouse and Keyboard are off, no response to Power-Button. I have to hard shut down on PSU-IO.

      Sometimes its after some hours, sometimes minutes, sometimes a day. But it always comes.

      PC is still running all fans and lights on. Event-Manager does not give a hint (it just says: PC powered down unusually, Kernel Error).


      What I've tried:

      - Some suggested underpowered RAM. but a raise to RAM voltage was no success.

      - Tried every Power-Profile with setting everything to never regarding power-off

      - Tried everything in Bios (Gear Down disabled, Power Down disabled, Aggressive Power Down SATA Slot Disabled etc.)

      - Removed GPU Driver and reinstalled

      - Removed AMD Driver and reinstalled

      - Revert Windows 10 with unplugged HDDs

      - Checked PageFile-Location (Its on C-Drive)

      - Checked Install-Folder for Apps and other stuff (Its on C-Drive)

      - Reseated the RAM

      - Updated the Bios to 4.50


      It looks like PC wants to go to sleep and never comes back, but I forbid it to do so. Its even if I move the mouse, the PC goes black.

      What I noticed:

      - My HDD got a System-Reserved Partition. IDK why Windows made this?

      - My PC NEVER do this when in BIOS


      What I gonna do is: Reinstall Windows on SSD and keep those folder on C-Drive even though thats NOT a solution for me.

      If that wont work I take out the M.2-SSD and reinstall on HDD and try it then.


      But why should the SSD do such things?

      If it was Mainboard, would it behave like this or just go dark all the way?

      If it was RAM, would it even boot up?


      As I said, PSU and HDDs worked well on the earlier build...


      Please help me, I'm trying do get this done about 2 weeks now and I'm getting desperated....

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          Reset your BIOS to Default / Optimal.

          It's best not to touch the BIOS Settings unless you actually know what you're doing, or have been instructed precisely what to change.


          Now something I think is important to point out., is while most Motherboards have a Single Dual Mode M.2 Slot (PCIe / SATA) ... your motherboard is a bit "Special" as the CPU M.2 (M2_1) is PCI Express *ONLY* where-as the SATA M.2 (M2_2) is SATA *ONLY*., as I'm fairly sure the WD Green M.2 is a SATA not PCI Express SSD... I'd STRONGLY recommend switching it from "Ultra M.2" (as ASRock have called it) next to the CPU, to the Standard M.2 next to the SATA.


          This is almost certainly where the issues are coming from as there will likely be Random Device Conflicts occurring.

          Switching the Slots should entirely resolve the issue., but you might have to Reset Windows 10 as it'll almost certainly be keyed to the current Slot.

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              I already resetter CMOS and pulled out battery. And the wdgreen iS actually in the usual m.2 port....


              Funny thing is when I googled for this

              (Black screen, keyboard/mouse off, pc still spinning fans, no reaction, no crashlog) most common answer is: PSU.


              But first thing is, the PSU worked well on the i5 sandy bridge with the 770 GTX.

              2nd thing: I actually can play games on almost max settings (on subHD) without crashing.


              O tried reinstalling OS on SSD with every other sata pulled out and no windows updates. Ran really good, had some recovery points made to return if I install anything wrong. When I checked back after installing MSI afterburner it crashed, I tried to recover bit this also failed to work....


              Jus Jhecked with afterburner uninstalled

              The pc ran over night. I came back but had to login ( like after a restart) and bam... Black out.

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                  Well it's possible that if the PSU is old., there might be missing or failing ACPI Features.

                  Still I don't think that's occurring here.


                  Let's first focus on your Memory (as ASRock has "interesting" Memory Support)., first and foremost ensure that regardless if you're using it in Single or Dual Rank, that you populate A2 then B2.

                  Now ordinarily I'd suggest manually setting the Frequency to 2400MHz (which you might need the Ryzen Master App to do) ... but for some reason your BIOS lacks this functionality... in fact I'm deeply concerned your BIOS is damn near devoid of any real configuration options.


                  At best I can suggest disabling Deep Sleep and SATA3_3 (the later is Shared with your M.2)

                  What's more is make sure that your M.2 is being supported., as something else I've noticed is there is no mention of a support bracket and I doubt the case has one either (as it's a bloody unusual place to put an M.2).


                  Honestly I'd suggest taking the Motherboard back to the retailer and swapping it for an ASUS Prime A320M-K instead., as I'd wager heavily that will resolve all the issues you're experiencing. While, sure I understand why it lacks the ability to "Overclock" given it's an A320 Chipset... that's not something the chipset is "Supposed" to provide, which is a terrible habit that AMD are picking up from Intel (AND THEY SHOULD STOP EMULATING, if any of the Engineers are reading this )., there's nothing stopping Motherboard Manufacturers from providing Timing / Optimisation / Underclocking Options - which is something that ASUS and Gigabyte both provide (and I'm fairly sure MSI does as well).


                  Without the Advanced Options., there's basically nothing that can really be done in terms of Troubleshooting without additional components to make sure the Components themselves are working properly.

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                      Wow may thanks for trying to help me . The m.2 slots are not vertical on the board. They're flat and secured with a screw. Actually I can set the ddr4 profile and it's voltage or speed in bios. Deep sleep, c6 state, aggressive force sata slot, gear down and enable power down are all disabled.

                      Ram sits on A2.

                      I can undervolt and underclock my ram.


                      What I noticed: on Amazon the ryzen 5 1600 is not being sold anymore while they have them in stock because of massive RMA s. I have also RMAed it along with the board . Arriving tomorrow. As they offered me a 1600x instead I am in need of a cheap good cooler now lol.


                      I'll see and let you know if issue is gone then.


                      But many many thanks to you. One of the few people who actually try to solve a problem.


                      Mostly hear : it's this or that part and never hear anything after answering.

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                        Okay. I received a r5 1600x instead of a 1600. Board also arrived. Have installed a deepcool gammax 300. Assembled yesterday and it's still running today. I am afraid to do any stress tests so far as my trust in this pc has been lowered . But so far no blackouts. I'll consider buying a new PSU later this year to make sure everything has more room. I didn't even try to update bios as it already accepts my 2667 but shows a 20°C higher temp in bios. (Idle in 57 C° in comparison to windows hwinfo on 30 and I know bios is driving temps up a bit).


                        I want to thank you for your support and help and advises and not letting me down by simply saying: it's the PSU even though I already checked it out.