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Problem with HD 6950 XFX Dual Fan, crush under heavy usage

Question asked by haris.valj on Jan 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2018 by elstaci

Greetings guys,


I have problem with my GPU HD 6950 XFX dual fan with 2GB VRAM. When I play games, it often crush (Example: Watch dogs on with High texture and Ultra graphic), also other games (As COD MW3 MP on ULTRA). I have 22" monitor with 1650x1050 resolution and when i start game, everything is good and I can play sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes 1 hour. If I downgrade GPU to 500MHz and -20% power i can play normal, but i don't want to play with slower settings.






My configuration is:
CPU: Pentium G4560
RAM: 4GB DDR4 2133MHz
PSU: FSP group 450W 80plus
HDD: 500GB
SSD: 120GB Radeon


Also GPU temperatures under load is 52-55 C.