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APU A10-7890K + ASUS A88X-PRO problem with dual monitor

Question asked by ryzen87 on Jan 26, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2018 by goodplay

I assembled a PC with APU A10-7890K and ASUS A88X-PRO motherboard, without a dedicated video card.

The OS is WIN 10 Pro 64 bit (updated) and the BIOS is the last version.

The AMD drivers are updated to the last version also.


I have a monitor (not full HD) connected to the DVI socket on the motherboard that works properly.

A few meters away I have a LG TV, a 37-inch full-HD with HDMI inputs.
When I plug the cable into the HDMI on the motherboard and then into one of the HDMI on the TV, the monitor in DVI goes black and the signal goes to the TV.

The image on the TV, however, is not correctly resized, but it bursts a bit.

If I try to start a video on youtube, the audio via the HDMI is not heard, even if the Digital Display Audio (AMD High Definition Audio Device) appears in the list, but not connected.

If I then try to reveal the device manually, the sound is heard. (but always manually).

At this point if I decide then to disconnect the HDMI from the TV to go back to work on the monitor, the video signal on the monitor is different.

There is a halo / fuchsia halo in full screen and the resolution on the monitor has changed.

Also in this case if I do "IDENTIFY" manually from "Screen Settings", the signal on the monitor will return to normal.

With the monitor connected at the same time with the TV, on the Radeon settings, I do not clone screens or extend them etc ...
So I can not do the "Dual Monitor", in addition to the problems mentioned above.




What I wrote above was the situation of last week.

Now, after several tweaks, I managed to make sure that the audio when connecting the TV always works (apparently) and the resolution fits the TV panel.
Problem solved in part ...
Now what remains to fix is this:

to TV connected in HDMI, if I turn off the TV, the video signal does not return to the PC monitor, everything remains off, instead if I change the TV signal from HDMI to "Antenna", then the signal returns to the monitor, or if I unplug the HDMI cable from one of the TV ports.
Already this is strange, I expected an adaptation of the signal ... but no.
Every time I have to click with the right mouse button on the Desktop and go to "Screen Settings" and always press the "Detect" button.
In this way the monitor signal is set up.

Is it possible to have all these problems to use a monitor and a TV?
Is it not possible to manage 2 monitors at the same time with APU A10-7890k?



(sorry for my english)