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Relive does not capture my Game sound

Question asked by basardius on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2018 by rederick

Did alot of digging into my problem but I can't believe this is the legit reason why my audio will only be captured on Relive if I use my monitors Audio only and will fail If i use my 3.5mm Headphones plugged into the back of my motherboard?


"I have figured this out for myself..

So you have to use AMD High definition audio device as your default playback device.

Go to playback devices in windows and then set AMD AMD High definition audio device as default.

That works for me and also records microphone. BUT comes with a big flaw: Your speaker must be your monitor and that isn't nice at all. I don't want to play games with my monitor being my speaker. And the sound quality isn't good either.

I hope this gets fixed so that you can use your headphones as audio capture device"

Relive audio capture - Only Microphones are selectable for Audio Capture Device.


Here is my current sound options

Sound 1.JPGSound 2.JPG


And also when I do record (even though no game audio but I can record my voice) when I replay the video on either windows own player and even VLC player there seems to be an issue moving the time slider which crash's the video aswell.


Similar to this issue linked below

ReLive Videos Playback Issue


Oddly or should I say worryingly I do believe my 3440x1440 is the same model as 2 of the people showing this exact same issue also.


Any knowledge on getting either or both of these issues fix would be greatly, greatly appreciated.


Many thanks in advance,