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Where can I buy Vega cards for VR company

Question asked by jahshaka on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2018 by jahshaka

We have a VR company and are in need of a large quantity of Vega cards, 56 or 64 - but we cant find them anywhere on the market ? And anywhere they are available they seem to be resold for $thousands of dollars. We were able to purchase a few for testing when they first hit the market but now that we need to roll out our product and build our VR rigs we just cant find them anywhere.


Is there a special program that we can sign up to - or any way we can get access to cards ? From what I see online 'digital currency' miners are buying them all up but this is really hurting graphics professionals such as us who are working on the cutting edge of the industry and really need access to your technology.


any hep would really be appreciated.