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ROCm OpenCL Program binary format

Question asked by matszpk on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2018 by matszpk

I wrote known Radeon Assembler called as CLRadeonExtender. Year ago, I added support for ROCm binary format (I got sample binaries by using 'cloc' utility). I have doubts whether that format (HSACO format) is still used by ROCm OpenCL driver. Or maybe, does  ROCm OpenCL use this same format like legacy AMDGPU-PRO OpenCL or Windows AMD OpenCL implementation? Unfortunatelly, I can't use ROCm on my computer, because my hardware is not compatible with ROCm. Dear users of the AMD DevGurus, can you help me an you give me sample binaries of the OpenCL programs built under a ROCm OpenCL? I would like to verify my supposition that ROCm binary format (HSACO) handled by my assembler is correct for current ROCm OpenCL implementation. For checking, I attached a sample binary (for ROCm 1.3 built by 'cloc' utility).


EDIT: I would like to see ROCm OpenCL binary built by its driver (not any third party tool) by using some offline compiler like GitHub - Maratyszcza/clcc: OpenCL offline compiler that uses clBuildProgram and clGetProgramInfo to get binaries. And second question: Is ROCm OpenCL binary format same as binary format used by AMDGPU-PRO ROCm OpenCL used for RX VEGA?