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    Ubuntu 16.04/17.10 dual monitors impossible with AMD PRO A10-8730B


      Hi guys,

      Please excuse me if you find any typos, english is not my native language.


      I have a HP 745 G4 with a AMD PRO A10-8730B CPU Carrizo 2015, should be Radeon R5 graphics if I check the specs. What I understand it should be supported?

      It is hooked up with a HP Ultraslim Docking Station 2013 with the latest firmware at work.


      If I connect one screen with VGA and the other with Displayport both monitors works, but I want to use the two Displayport + the VGA so I can use three screens. However the problem is there only with two so I figured it is easier to explain that way. When I connect the two Displayport Ubuntu just sees one screen in the settings and the image is mirrored on screen 1 and 2, I get picture on both screens though. It is like it thinks that the both Displayport are one.


      I did install the amdgpu-pro 17.40 driver without problem but nothing changed, exactly the same problem. I have tested in both 16.04 and 17.10 versions of Ubuntu (17.10 without the amdgpu-pro driver though). I also tried another machine, a HP 840 G1 with Intel Chipset in the same docking station, it worked right away, so I really think it is a driver problem.


      Any tips and tricks? I would appreciate a lot if I could get some help with this.