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    HD7770 Many Problems


      Fresh OS install of W7 and installation of a new-in-box HD7770, latest recommended drivers installed. Connecting to a 50" Panasonic TV via HDMI. None of the issue below happen if the same display is connected via the motherboard's on-board HDMI port using the same HDMI cable)



      • Sometimes on boot (roughly 1 in 3 times) my motherboard's splash screen (MSI) has dozens of flickering horizontal red lines, these do not persist once Windows loads
      • Occasionally (roughly 1 in 10 times) windows loads with all colors swapped for other colors, Everything is still legible and all images discernible, just in the wrong colors (favoring a seemingly pastel pallet)
      • At least three times a day the TV will go through a 5-10 minute period of alternating between "No signal" and displaying properly (spending about 30 seconds in each state)
        • Every other time the above happens it will conclude with the display showing a solid green screen and requires a forced shut down.
      • Anytime audio is played you can expect it to cut out at least once, sometimes it will cut out repeatedly every 5-10 seconds indefinitely until the machine is rebooted.


      Remediation Attempts

      • Updated to AMD beta drivers
      • Upgraded to W10 (w/ beta drivers)
      • Kept W10 and downgraded to latest recommended drivers
        • Re: HD7770 Many Problems

          This sure sounds like either a power issue like you don't have the power from the power supply to run the card or the card for some reason just isn't getting enough power. The only other times I have seen those kind of symptoms is when you actually have hardware failure like a chip damaged from overclocking/overheating.


          Try another cable it may be as simple as that.


          If you have another system available that meets the specifications for the new card, try it in there. If not and bought it retail maybe exchange it.


          Make sure you have the latest bios for your motherboard too. I know it sound silly but it does the trick sometimes.


          If none of that gets you anywhere I'd open a support ticket with who made the card.


          Good luck!