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HD7770 Many Problems

Question asked by elephantaurus on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2018 by pokester

Fresh OS install of W7 and installation of a new-in-box HD7770, latest recommended drivers installed. Connecting to a 50" Panasonic TV via HDMI. None of the issue below happen if the same display is connected via the motherboard's on-board HDMI port using the same HDMI cable)



  • Sometimes on boot (roughly 1 in 3 times) my motherboard's splash screen (MSI) has dozens of flickering horizontal red lines, these do not persist once Windows loads
  • Occasionally (roughly 1 in 10 times) windows loads with all colors swapped for other colors, Everything is still legible and all images discernible, just in the wrong colors (favoring a seemingly pastel pallet)
  • At least three times a day the TV will go through a 5-10 minute period of alternating between "No signal" and displaying properly (spending about 30 seconds in each state)
    • Every other time the above happens it will conclude with the display showing a solid green screen and requires a forced shut down.
  • Anytime audio is played you can expect it to cut out at least once, sometimes it will cut out repeatedly every 5-10 seconds indefinitely until the machine is rebooted.


Remediation Attempts

  • Updated to AMD beta drivers
  • Upgraded to W10 (w/ beta drivers)
  • Kept W10 and downgraded to latest recommended drivers