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    Constant display driver crashes on R9 Fury


      I am getting display driver crashes about every 5-15 minutes. These crashes present as either a  black screen that then crashes app/game to desktop, a CTD without a black screen, or complete system freeze. I do not get an error message after a crash unless I try to open Radeon Settings, in which case I get the "Radeon Settings has crashed or is not responding" message from Windows. It will open normally after a 2nd attempt. This occurs 100% of the time after a crash. These crashes occur on any application that stresses the gpu including Youtube on Chrome (especially 4K videos), Witcher 3, Skyrim SE, BOINC, and many more. These issues are not hardware related. I can be fairly certain of this due to this only occurring since Crimson Relive edition. Additionally, see below for the things I have tried to fix. I have spent many hours of my life trying to fix this and am completely unable to enjoy gaming because the crashes occur so often. I have tried many, many solutions to fix this, please read below before commenting something "obvious". I am posting this in hopes of finding a solution I have not tried, although unlikely. Of note, I do not use any overclocking software (Trixx/Afterburner). There are several entries in the Windows crash logs about Radeon Settings but the details on crash logs are not helpful (or above my understanding). I can try to upload the logs if someone can tell me an easy way to do so.



      GPU: Asus R9 Fury Strixx

      Driver: Currently 18.1.1

      CPU: FX-8320

      MB: M5A97 LE R2.0 Bios 2701 (latest)

      Ram: 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Crucial Ballistix Sport

      PSU: EVGA 850 BQ 850 Watt Bronze

      SSD: Kingston 120gb SATA III

      Display: LG 27MU67 4K Freesync over Displayport

      OS: Windows 10 64-bit Version 1709


      Things I have tried:

      1. Installing drivers after running DDU in safe mode (always)
      2. Increasing AND decreasing power limit in Wattman
      3. Increasing AND decreasing voltage in Wattman
      4. Underclocking GPU by 100MHz in Wattman
      5. Changing TdrDelay to 8 and 10 in regedit (causes "X has been blocked from accessing the graphics card" messages)
      6. Disabling Tdr by setting TdrLevel to 0 in regedit (crashes way less often, but if it does it requires a restart)
      7. Never opening Wattman after a fresh reinstall of drivers to ensure Wattman is not the problem
      8. Ensuring no thermal throttling by running Furmark on several settings (never goes above 70C)
      9. Reinstalling Windows 10 (very disappointed this didn't work)
      10. Removing CPU/RAM overclocks
      11. Running the Windows memory diagnostics test (always passes)
      12. Re-seating the GPU
      13. Using a different display output on GPU including HDMI
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          Update: Still occurring. Since tried: 15.11.1 (+/- HBM underclock/overvolt) and reflashing vbios.

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            Made an upgrade lately, and as i have crossfired furys (the most stupid thing i've ever done) i swapped cards when changed motherboard. And got epic crashing sequence every next minute in Witcher 2 due to better gpu load than before, and before this game crashed once or twice for dozens of hours played, and i do not think those were gpu related. So i changed pci slot priority in bios and did not face any more crashing, though ought to be checked for a longer period.

            Guess we just got faulty products which is so common these days on gpu market. QC ftw.

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                Since this post, I have upgraded my my CPU, RAM, and motherboard and the driver crashes instantly disappeared. Logic would indicate this is a hardware issue or instability, but it is not. The PC would pass overnight tests of RAM stability tests and hours of P95 or any other RAM or CPU benchmark; the black screens still occurred, but did not interrupt these tests. Testing that system with a different GPU also showed no evidence of driver crashes. I also considered that it is possible that motherboard was just unable to provide constant power to such a GPU, but the GPU I tested in it was even more power hungry than my Fury. I also tried undervolting, which considerably lowered power draw, yet the driver crashes still occurred. I theorize the black screens people experience are a collection of multiple different bugs that only occur with specific hardware combinations, which is likely why AMD is unable to reproduce many of these.

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                    What can i say. In my case black screens occured with single gpu config, then they occured in multi gpu. My old system was almost identical to yours, after upgrade what's left of old system are gpus and ssd/hdds, in my case problem still persists. Crashes themselves are mostly sporadic, may appear in constant crash sequences, may not occur for weeks either.

                    Followed all steps you mentioned in your last post on my own. Nothing helped

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                  Update August 2018: Black screens have returned this week. I am using the latest 18.8.1 drivers, which may the cause. So far the black screens this week have only occurred on YouTube videos using Chrome or Edge, so I suspect it is an issue with either YouTube or the hardware decoder in my Fury. Turning off hardware acceleration may fix this, but I am unable to tolerate the stutter this introduces in 4K videos.