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What graphics card(s) do I need to run this multi-monitor setup?

Question asked by gdemonax on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2018 by pokester

     Hello, new to the forums. And I don't forum much in general. I was looking for an answer, but everything is specific to individual build and intended use that it makes it hard to find what I am looking for for me.

     I am running an LG 34UM64-P, a 34 inch ultrawide monitor. I have a secondary display, which is an LG 29 inch ultrawide monitor. I am presently using an R7 370 4 GB GPU.


     The LG 34 and 29 are 2560x1080. I use the 34 as my main monitor for gaming, the 29 is for browsing and productivity, and googling when I am gaming.


     I want to move the 29 inch ultrawide above the 34 inch ultrawide, and then put an LG 27MP59G (1920x1080) on either side of the 34 inch ultrawide. The 27/34/27 inch trio would be for gaming, and I would put it on eyefinity, with the above 29 inch for googling and such while in game.

     Can an RX 580 8 GB card handle that? Would I need more than one and crossfire them?


     My primary games are Mechwarrior online and Star trek online. I also play Planetside 2 and PUBG from time to time, and a whole host of other types of games here and there. I like to have the graphics settings on high and above when possible.


    The more I look into graphics cards, the more it appears to be a science of its own.

     Anyone have any answers?