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    iMac Pro Bootcamp lacks proper graphics drivers (Vega 56/64)




      Bootcamp lacks driver support for the iMac Pro GPUs - Vega 56/64. Bootcamp seems to be using some kind of generic GPU driver with very poor performance. Most games are either performing poorly, or are downright unplayable (very low fps, crashes, instabilities etc.). Please update the drivers. It's a shame that a $5000+ computer with a high-end GPU, lacks a properly working GPU driver.


      Thanks for listening,


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          It's very likely that this is not a fault of AMD at all. To my knowledge the new vega solution from the new iMac pros is proprietary to apple. I couldn't tell you if a Windows version of the drivers exists or not. In the past the only AMD or NVidia drivers for that fact available for Mac or Windows on a Mac Via Bootcamp have been supplied by Apple. Apple keeps a tight leash and virtually total control on their ecosystem. The only exceptions to this I know of are for aftermarket cards that replace the original Apple equipment, then the card maker supplies the driver. This isn't to say that in some cases that those types of drivers have not also worked on Apples original equipment. I would definitely ask this question to Apple. I know a similar question to this was already asked and I think there was a bit of apparent finger pointing going on between Apple and AMD. However I am pretty sure the ball is in Apples court on this one. My apologies in advance if this turns out not to be the case. Good luck! I hope you get this going, pretty crappy to have a such a nice machine having a single OS restriction.

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            We have not made the driver available on the AMD website as it must be obtained through Apple Bootcamp assistant.


            I have passed on your feedback.

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                Thanks Matt!


                The Vega Pro 56/64 is afaik a downclocked RX 56 and Frontier Edition. Either way, I hope there will be better communication between AMD and Apple here. I've seen tendencies from both to pass the blame to the other part, which gets us iMac Pro owners nowhere. Thanks for bringing this along to the right individuals.


                PS: Your competitor used to include Bootcamp GPU drivers in their regular driver downloads from their website. It would be preferable if AMD also did this, since GPU drivers need more frequent updates to ensure compabilities with the latest games. A lot of people are also gaming on their iMacs.

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                  Appreciate you forwarding the feedback Matt.


                  I'd like to clarify the situation further if I may.


                  The Bootcamp drivers provided for iMac Pro through Bootcamp Assistant is version 17.7 and appears to be only sufficient for actually powering the display.

                  Many games run with fps in single figures which is crazy for a such a capable GPU.


                  Mapping the Apple software device settings into any newer versions of the driver (released on the PC side) typically causes the display to simply go black. Interestingly external displays still work but the internal display's resolution is recognized as '0x0'. Furthermore, forcing Windows to update via the .inf file for 17.11.1 does actually provide a huge fps performance boost for gaming but then things like DX12 and OpenCL do not work as intended, so this really isn't a long-term viable option.


                  Would it be possible for AMD to bake some better support into the official PC drivers in the actual display driver .sys file?


                  Apple's policy on this appears to be 'Well so long as it powers the display in Windows then that is where our support ends'. For my own iMac with the M295X, the last driver update released before November was way back in 2014. I get horrendous stuttering in all games for every driver ever released and I was able to fix this myself by simply modifying the .inf file to more closely match the PC drivers with the Apple software device settings applied. The difference is night and day.


                  Going forward from that I thought I'd share the drivers with everyone else and hence bootcampdrivers.com is born.


                  In an ideal world I would shut my web site down as we are not supposed to be modifying the drivers provided by AMD, but what other choice do I have given that the state of drivers in Windows is so utterly abysmal?


                  Apple are definitely to blame for a lot of this, though I honestly feel that AMD do not do enough testing before sending the drivers over to Apple because the drivers that are provided for use in Windows often do not 'cut the mustard' i'm afraid to say.

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                      Wow pretty great information! Pretty much what I guessed was going on behind the scenes!  I had read that nvidia started releasing their own out of frustration with apple. It is a shame that if AMD could do something more, without it being a big financial burden, that they don't do more, like their direct competition has. I'm not sure it's worth a potential battle with the richest company on earth though.


                      I would say that the realization, I already had with Apple long ago, (and as a graphic artist I have use a mac every day since their inception) is that for home use I can't even justify an iMac anymore. Yes their OS is great, and yes it is more trouble free IMHO than the MS side. But for me the bad far outweighs the good for a home purchasing decision. Mac is increasingly becoming a more closed, even less inclusive ecosystem where they decide what you do with your computer, and they decide when that computer, that spec wise would still be running fine on the Windows side, is obsolete and no longer supported. It has already been proven that systems, they say can't run their newest operating systems, in fact in some cases absolutely can, and do it well. Apple just chooses to make you have to pay to keep playing their game.


                      Next as I said, you absolutely pay to play in their ecosystem. The cost of ownership can be substantially higher on the Mac side. I know that someone will come back and argue that I have had my Mac 3x as long as any PC. They may be right, no doubt, go back a few years this was true. But their recent builds are IMHO cheaper components, not cheap just not up to the standards they once were, for example not the server class motherboards that came with earlier imacs and other other components have followed suit. You really did used to get a great machine on the inside, not just pretty on the outside. Form over function, definitely seems to be the new credo, post Steve Jobs.  The failure rate of new macs is higher than they used to be. The failure rate of the new iMac Pros is alarming.  They have changed their computers so the average end not being able to service them. Now some will say I know, well I service mine, but apple went out of their way for you not too and tell you themselves they are not user serviceable. Another great example of the cheap out, Mac Mini is a less capable machine than it was years ago and is no longer upgrade-able.  The old mac minis go for premiums (once maxed), they could be updated, and have been maxed out in capability by refurbishers on ebay. Those are selling for more than the new ones, because they are better.


                      Apples goal has never really been to service as many people as they can at a fair price, but they did a better job of that in the past, they blatantly no longer even hide it. IMHO, Apple exists by exploiting the minority that really needs to use their products (like graphic artists the Adobe software and available software supporting this industry is just better on Mac), and picking the pockets clean of that 10% willing to have the next shiny thing from apple. And that's okay its a free market! They absolutely can do that and without a doubt proved it viable. Users however need to realize this and the limitations of what they buy. I sure wouldn't ever buy an iMac in hopes of a premium or even functional Windows experience, you likely will only ever get a minimal experience at best. They don't care about Windows, and IMHO it's questionable how much they care about their own users today. The dollars keep coming in from the Jones' though!