Centered Timing broken in 17.12.1

Discussion created by on Jan 23, 2018

System: i5 3570K, 16GB RAM, 250 GB SDD, R9 290x, Windows 7 64bit, Monitor: LG 3.440x1.440 Free-Sync

Current Driver: 17.4.4

Broken Driver: 17.12.1 (and 18.1.1)


Using driver 17.4.4 with a custom resolution set to 2.560x1.440 in the Display Advanced Settings, GPU-scaling enabled -> Centered Timing everything worked perfectly:





After updating to driver version 17.12.1. following issues occured:

> Custom Resolution setting is lost (I updated driver via Radeon Settings and chose the option "Install" (instead of new installation) which is intended to keep profiles)

> Centered Timing option doesn't work properly: The custom resolution itself works fine but it is NOT CENTERED (picture starts in the top left corner)

--> Also all standard resolutions lower than the native monitor resolution are not centered but start in the top left corner


I then updated from 17.12.1 to 18.1.1 but the problem remained.


I set a system restore point in Windows prior driver update. When I figured out the the new driver(s) do not work properly, I switched back to that system restore point.

Unfortunately I was not able to get into Radeon Settings anymore. The process was started correctly (Process to be found in Task Manager) but GUI did not come up.


I had to run a full Windows Image Backup Restore to get back to my original, working setup with driver 17.4.4.