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Vega56 Nitro+ - high idle fan speed

Question asked by knarf on Jan 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2018 by knarf

I was lucky to get myself a sapphire vega56 nitro+ for christmas :-)

In the first weeks, after this beast replaced my old r9 290, everything was fine. The fans on idle were slow or even stopped spinning - I couldn't hear a thing.


Since two or three weeks, the fan speed of the card is "fixed" to 1300 rpm in idle on Windows 10 x64 so that i can clearly hear them. The temperature is at a normal 30°-ish and the clock- and memoryspeeds are fine for idle too. The only issue is the "fixed" fan speed. (Screen attached) I never overclocked.


Since the initial setup i only did a clean adrenalin driver update from 17.12.1 to 17.12.2 to 18.1.1 (with DDU). I noticed the situation after the 18.1.1. update. (But i'm not quite sure if this also was the case on 17.12.2.)


If i try to change the fan speed in Wattman, nothing happens. Regardless of what i tried, the fan speeds are stuck on 1300 +/- 20 rpm I have no 3rd party software for fan control installed.


I did a clean adrenalin uninstall and booted in safe mode afterwards with no adrenalin software afterwards and i heared the fans spinning loud. (Could not tell the rpm because no wattman was installed) A clean install of 18.1.1. afterwards did not change the high idle rpm.


Is this a software or a hardware issue? - What to do now?