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No video when feeding HDMI through home theater receiver

Question asked by retiredviking on Jan 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2018 by retiredviking

Setting the table: I have an AMD R7 240 video card with 4 gigs of memory. It has two DVI and one HDMI output. If I connect my monitor (Dell P2715Q) directly with an HDMI cable it functions fine.


The problem: If I run the HDMI output to my Yamaha RX-V373 receiver, then an HDMI line from it to my monitor, I get no video from the computer. If I change a setting on the receiver, that change shows up on the monitor. Just nothing from the computer.


What I have done: I verified my cables are good by changing them out. All cables are marked High Speed, and worked fine with my previous video card.


My questions: What am I doing wrong? Would a good workaround be to feed video via one of the DVI ports to the monitor, and use an HDMI cable to the receiver for sound only?


Any suggestions or cures will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks very much.


  - David "Bear" Mann