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Radeon RX580 constant lag spikes, poor performance

Question asked by brandon6gc on Jan 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2019 by benman2785

          Don't know.

  • RAM
    • 8x2 (16GB) Corsair Vengeance DDR4 @2400MHz

Basically, I bought this PC and upgraded it to Corsair Vengeance 8x2 DDR4 @2400MHz


This PC... I play games like CS:GO and PUBG basically. I have non-stop problems with this computer being absolute terrible in those specific 2 games and other games. I get constant frame spiking. When I play PUBG and engage in a gunfight the I get god awful horrible spikes that cause me gunfights and in CS:GO same problem. Just horrible performance. The initial shots just freeze the whole game for about a second. Gameplay feels "delayed" in a sense that none of the movements are synchronized with what I'm physically doing versus what shows up on screen. I've tried every mix and match of settings in the Radeon settings. I've tried them on, I've tried them off and different combinations and yet no let up. I don't understand. I realize these specs are top of the line quality, however, it should allow me to play games 1080p ATLEAST ON THE LOWEST SETTINGS without giving me this awful heartache. I've even wiped my hard drive and started on a fresh copy of Windows 10 and I still can't catch a break. I'm getting to the point where I give up completely on this PC to be anything better than a web surfer and that's quite a disappointment for $750 or so... I've looked online endlessly for solutions for the graphics card and found no help. I really hope someone has a solution because it's EXTREMELY frustrating. I'm desperate for some direction or help.