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R9 270 crashing after updating to the latest drivers

Question asked by chargedd on Jan 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2018 by chargedd

Hello everyone,


So for the past few months my R9 270 drivers crash whenever i try updating them. I use the detection tool downloaded from the AMD site.

When the new drivers are installed, my screen goes to a blue-ish color with darker vertical stripes going down the screen. I have tried

just about every solution I could find on alot of different forums, but still it won't work. Only when I install the driver from my installation CD

I got when i bought my PC will it work properly. For some reason the CD driver says: "R9 270 series" and the driver I install with the detection

tool says: "R9 200 series". i dont know if that is the problem, and if so how to fix it.


I'd be extremely happy if anyone has a solution as this problem has already cost me hours and hours to solve without success.


Thanks for helping out,