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Threadripper Orange plastic mount

Question asked by almightypeanut on Jan 20, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by oppozith

I purchased a pre-built system and the motherboard stopped POSTing after about 4 months of flawless use. Went through the lines of video, different ram, and the usual clearing CMOS and the board just seems dead.


New board and ready to go and the place that built the machine asked me to provide them the plastic mount. I haven't touched this machine and certainly would not have removed it manually. I don't even want them touching it because I'm wondering if they even used it in the first place.


Is there any way to get just a new mount from AMD or any other place? I was already pretty peeved about the system failing but now they are acting as if I get a new system the first thing I do is rip off the cooler and pull things apart.