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Driver 17.10.2 & all later version RX Vega Cryptonight

Question asked by treas on Jan 20, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2018 by treas


the drivers 17.10.2 or later dont support computemode for cryptonight!

i have 12 amd gpu rig so i cant use blockchain driver. With August 23.Blockchain dirvers my vega do around 1900-2000h/s per card on cryptonight. With 17.10.2 and every later version its just 1300hs.

it is not possible to activate hbcc, hwinfo also showing no temperature increase on hbcc. im not alone with this problem, if u look around nobody was able to activate hbcc on the 17.10.2 drivers and later!

This issue no exists now for 4 months, you released several new driver versions  its really annoying...please dont tell me Vega turns on compute mode automatic, because its clearly not working for cryptonight!

would be awesome if you could fix this

Thank you