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    Ryzen 5 1600x Temperature Concern


      Hey guys so I just got done building a new pc. The above processor with Asus Crosshair VI hero and GTX 1080. Customer water loop for cooling. I am using a Raystorm Neo block. So I have read that temp reporting on these processors are +20c. So if I check with MSI afterburner I am showing temp swings between 36 and 62 currently almost looks like a saw wave on the graph. So I open up RYZEN Master and it is showing same temp. Water temp after CPU block is a steady 35C. I have unmounted my block and used different thermal paste. The back of the motherboard where the socket is, is not hot at all. I am confused as all get out. I have been reading from some people that this behavior is normal and I shouldn't worry, but that goes against my better judgement. So can someone offer me some insight? Thank you very much!


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          I have also just built a system using the Ryzen 5 1600X (Thermaltake Contac Silent 12), with HWiNfo I am getting temps of 49.6 C for Tctl and 29.6 C for Tdie and they are strictly relative as Tdie goes up Tctl goes up by +20 every time.  As long as I know that the reading for Tdie is closer to the actual temperatures I would think I'm on the right track with the build.


          Everything I have seen online suggests that the X series temperature difference might only be on the 1700 and 1800 series? If this is the case I am worried about overheating as I saw Tctl reach 90 degrees after 25 minutes of Prime95.  If I knew that was really 70 degrees instead I would sleep a lot better.  I'm loving the CPU just wish I knew a definitive answer.  Hopefully somebody can help us out, I guess I wanted to post to let you know you're not the only one taking second looks at the temps.

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              Hey thanks you responding. I will share with you what I have found out. I downloaded HWinfo as well and am now using that. The Tdie temps are the correct temps. I used an infrared thermometer to monitor the temps. I did notice that as soon as a decent load was put on the processor temps stopped spiking and stayed constant. After 6 hours of playing Shadow of War my temps were 55°c. I am kind of anal about temps. Everyone says that high temps are the number one killer of electronics. I honestly don't like my temps at 55° I would like to see mine stay at 50° or below.


              All that said I would still like to know why I am seeing the spikes. Just to satisfy my curiosity. I have also read that the temp offset affects the 1700 and the 1800. That being said we are obviously seeing it so.........


              last thing, I am also loving this CPU. Amazing piece of hardware. I have overclocked mine to 4.1ghz as well did some benchmarking then went back to stock clock. Blazing fast and it keeps up with me.