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    Game profiles are located...where???


      I cannot update my AMD driver. I've got to do a clean install. (Going from 17.11.1 to 18.1.1) Clean install means (according to Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers  I have to wipe out my C:\AMD folder and then run DDU.) That's going to WIPE OUT ALL MY PROFILES.


      Fine. How do I export all the individual game profiles I've so carefully created? These represent HOURS of crafting and doublechecking.

      Nvidia allows me to export any NCP settings so if I have to wipe out my drivers and reinstall, I can then just import all my profiles.


      AMD, why can't you do this?


      AMD, I'm happy to wipe my current drivers and do a clean install. I'm NOT happy to completely recreate the profiles of DOZENS of games.


      AMD, I want to export my game profiles.


      AMD, where are they saved?


      AMD, this is an OLD and OFT-REPEATED issue.


      AMD, c'mon.

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          Most likely "c:\Users\ <username> \Local\AMD\CN\" file gmdb.blb. Best bet would be to backup both AMD and ATI folders from "c:\Users\ <username> \Local\" then copy back that gmdb.blb file first then rest of the files if that does not do a trick. I would also suggest to kill radeon settings from task manager before copying any of files back or maybe relog to win acc to reload settings.

          My suggestion is to try your luck with RadeonPro, it should work with up to 2nd gen GCN without issues (I can confirm for rebranded 1st gen only) and it should work with newer cards but some features would probably be locked. Compared even to newest drivers, it only misses shader cache and can rec vids only with CPU but there is whole list of what it can do which driver app cant (like profile backups beside various tweaks/injectors)

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            glad to see that you have found the correct answer to your question.  In order to help others with a similar problem to find this answer quickly, we have locked the discussion to keep it focused on the issue you reported.