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Game profiles are located...where???

Question asked by c3k on Jan 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2018 by amdmatt

I cannot update my AMD driver. I've got to do a clean install. (Going from 17.11.1 to 18.1.1) Clean install means (according to Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers  I have to wipe out my C:\AMD folder and then run DDU.) That's going to WIPE OUT ALL MY PROFILES.


Fine. How do I export all the individual game profiles I've so carefully created? These represent HOURS of crafting and doublechecking.

Nvidia allows me to export any NCP settings so if I have to wipe out my drivers and reinstall, I can then just import all my profiles.


AMD, why can't you do this?


AMD, I'm happy to wipe my current drivers and do a clean install. I'm NOT happy to completely recreate the profiles of DOZENS of games.


AMD, I want to export my game profiles.


AMD, where are they saved?


AMD, this is an OLD and OFT-REPEATED issue.


AMD, c'mon.