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Dual Card setup - Whole screen yellow tint when large white window is opened

Question asked by epoch on Jan 19, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2018 by epoch

I have two GPUs in a new machine I've built for productivity work an XFX Black Core RX580 and a Vega Frontier Edition.  I noticed early on that when both cards were installed running the Pro Driver from early December) that occasionally the monitor would have a yellow cast to it.  I didn't correlate it to anything positive, but suspected that it was related to heat on the Vega (it gets very hot when used), my cable, or something with the monitor.  The yellow "cast" will appear across the full screen making white look yellowish and will usually clear within 30 seconds.  It looks like a VERY light version of Microsoft "night mode".  I considered RMAing the Vega as this was the card that the monitor was plugged into but decided to spend the time debugging the issue.  In order to diagnose the problem I have done the following,


1) replaced the display cable and tried two others - no change still yellow tint

2) made sure night mode was "OFF"

3) Tried two other monitors with all the cables, one of which is a brand new 32" FreeSync monitor @ 75Hz - no change still yellow tint

4) cranked the fans up to keep core temps under 62degC - still has occasional yellow cast

5) Reinstalled drivers probably 10 times in a coordinated manner with other testing - still has it.

6) Tried another PSU just to make sure it wasn't a current draw issue - noted that it appears even when under NO load so very unlikely

7) Plugged display cable into the RX580 and started using it as main display - still has yellow cast occasionally


When I got to 5, I realized it wasn't a card failure, but rather a likely driver issue.  I started playing around with the OS to see if I could formulate a repeatable test case that I could pass along to AMD technical support.  I'm glad to say that I have discovered a simple way to force the yellow tint.  I noticed that it was more likely to happen after I opened up a large white window (text editor for example).  Something about driving a complex color screen to solid white in the driver is causing BOTH cards to put a yellow tint over the entire screen image.  It happens 100% of the time and is 100% reproducible.


I suspect that the driver installation *might* be part of the issue.  I've never really had straightforward success loading either the Enterprise 17.4Q.1 (can't recall the exact number - but the top driver on the page) or the 17.12.2 driver for both cards without the OS being grupmy during the installation about a missing driver for the RX580.  It might have something to do with this, otherwise it would be an issue at a higher driver level.


Just as a point of reference the cards are on an X370 motherboard with a Ryzen 1800x with 16GB of DDR4 3200 memory running at 2800 (although for testing it was dropped to 2133Mhz).