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Is there an AMD App?. Which I'm not seeing or getting. Windows 10 Defender keep blocking AMD

Question asked by itajungleoutthere on Jan 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2018 by goodplay

Windows 10 Pro,  Version 1709   OS Build 16299..194

Windows Defender for firewall and AV.

AMD FX(tm)4300 Processor

760GM-P34 FX MSI Motherboard

Radeon RX 550 Graphic card

500 Watt PSU

Got the latest version 18.1.

Still havin a time of fighting with Defender is blocking it and it not functioning right. Meaning like the allow or not popup thing like back in old Windows. Get it couple time but it doesn't function as like it should -

How to get it to let it allow in the firewall/ Defender ? It take you App section and do not see any AMD. How to get it to stay without repeat and or needing to be fix as may of I'm having some troublesome by it being blocks.