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Display Keeps Losing Signal On Windows Boot - RX480 Win 10 FCU

Question asked by kni_slaughterer on Jan 19, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2018 by plumboby

Guys I'm facing some problems when my computer start i see the MSI logo and everything is good but when windows start loading i hear something disconnect and reconnect multiple times and then monitor shows no signal and then it reconnect right back and it's working again !!!

is this a faulty driver ?

or Windows 10 FCC problem????? because i started seeing it after the FCC i trying DDU and reinstall but nothing .

however when i use newer version of driver the problem become worst i mean something  disconnecting in game and monitor shows no signal and eventually crashing the whole pc !! this is the best situation i get with the July 2017 update..... -MSI RX 480 GX 8gb-




I5 6600K @stock speed

MSI Z170 Tomahawk

HyperX DDR4 8gb 2133mhz

Crucial SSD 250gb

Seagate HDD 2 Tbs

MSI RX 480 8gb Gaming X

Windows 10 FCC update -all updates are installed until 19-01-18


Attempt to solve :


-Formatting windows

-Using DDU in safe mode and reinstalling driver

-Trying different driver but eventually using 17.7.2 ----> i have only the startup problems with this version the other ones produce crashes in games.....


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