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Radeon Experience need transparent background

Question asked by spwn on Jan 18, 2018

I love AMD product and always thanks for good jobs.

And in gaming i used RivaTuner and MSI afterburner. So saw fps, ram usage, GPU usage..

Now AMD support that information so i uninstalled that. But Experience has weak point.

First turn on Experience than my gaming screen blocked black small window.

In afterburner that can be controll and only show numbers can see. And adjust size too enable.

Experience has any those good point. Only windows exist and can't control.

Second. afterburner can see at windows mode. That don't need Fullscreen mode.

But Experience need Fullscreen mode so gaming, tap surfing than some unnatural.

Some developer don't agree those need so say "Don't use our program! Use your favor thing and

DON'T bother me!" But some people want this small good things and feel happy at good kindness.


Sorry at brocken english but i like AMD good things always hope good growth company.

Thanks for all good things!