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When recording my desktop with ReLive, I get harsh and choppy recordings. However, streaming has a 75% success rate. (For example, I cannot record any windowed games such as VR Chat, or even Minecraft). Normal full screen games work perfectly though.

Question asked by r3wi on Jan 18, 2018

Hey all,

I was recording (Minecraft of all things), and to record Minecraft, I need to window my game. I recorded it and when I went to go watch it, I found that it was choppy. I brushed it off thinking maybe it was just a glitch. Then I recorded VR Chat, (a windowed game) and found that it also didn't record correctly and was extremely choppy.


  • I reinstalled my drivers (twice)
  • Looked up many things online and haven't found anyone with the same problem
  • Reinstalled ReLive


I don't know what to do but it's been frustrating throwing hours of recordings away. Thanks for any ideas.



AMD Radeon R9 390

Driver Version: Crimson ReLive 17.7.1

ReLive version: 17.10.3211.1031


Note: My friend has a rx 470 and has ReLive version 17.12

(So how could I update this? ReLive says I am up to date)