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Adrenalin driver crashes when trying to play a bluray disk in powerDVD 17

Question asked by hallgeg on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by kingfish

I do not know at what version number the problem started, but blurays used to play back without problems. I now have 17.12.2.

Now, powerdvd will flicker for several seconds until it stops trying to play the disk. At this point adrenalin driver has crashed, i.e Right clicking on the desktop will not show "AMD radeon setting". A second try to playback in powerdvd give an error: "You do not have a compatible graphic card"


I have tried to revert to some older versions using DDU and a recipe I found on this forum. 17.12.1 and 17.11.2 gives the same error.

I also tried powerdvd 14, this also results in the same error.


I have a Radeon R9 390.