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AMD driver keeps being replaced by old Microsoft driver

Question asked by kailido on Jan 18, 2018
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I have a laptop with AMD R7 M260 and I'm having issues with the AMD drivers, as it is constantly being replaced with an old driver back from 2015. I believe that it is Windows that is doing it, because there's nothing else in this laptop (Toshiba L50) that allows to update drivers without confirmation. I could just disable automatic updates but i don't want the hassle of manual updating the system everytime.


I also wouldn't be complaining about it if the driver that it installs was good, because it isn't, it doesn't even work because i think it is not correctly installed. I believe it doesn't unninstall the one it had. I could just make a clean install of that old driver. I've tried that but as i said, the driver is bad, it preforms poorly in illustrator because it randomly crashes.


I've also tried to disable driver updates on windows update but i think somehow it didn't work. I used a tool called DDU (display driver unninstaller) to do it. This tool is perfectly safe


I would use the driver from the laptop page in Toshiba's website, but there's none for Windows 10


Disabling Driver Update on Windows doesn't help too. I've checked it since the last time i installed the latest version. Even in registry it is set to 0


Any help is apreciated